Best of Brighton Award
2009, 2010, 2011 Winner
We are a 3 time winner for assembly systems!

Using Our Core Value Of COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, Our Extensive Capabilities Include:
  • 3-Dimensional Mechanical Design
  • Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, & Coolant System Design
  • In-House Machining, Welding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Assembly, Piping,
    Wiring, & Painting
  • PLC & Peripheral System Programming & Debug
  • Installation, Warranty, & Service

We Also Provide These Supplemental Services:

  • Manufacture New or Duplicate Systems from Existing Prints
  • Refurbish & Revise Existing Machines
  • Manufacturing & Assembly Feasibility Studies
  • Concept And Process Prototypes
  • Low-Volume Assembly & Error-Proofing Benches
  • Turn-Key Integration

Machine Installations Include:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe
  • Korea
  • China
  • Philippines

To achieve TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, the quality of our products and services
is our number one priority.

At Novi Precision we focus on achieving Total Customer Satisfaction and this is done by designing, manufacturing, and building first class equipment as well as providing top notch service to our customers. In 2008 we created a program called the “Pursuit of Perfection” and this program has helped push our customer satisfaction to the next level. This program includes customer, self, and budget evaluations, and acts as a motivational tool for our team.

Focus on CUSTOMER: working hand in hand with our customers to fully understand their needs, expectations, goals, timing, service, and covering their concerns.

Focus on TEAMWORK: internally working together to help meet our customers’ needs and our needs as a company.

Focus on BUDGET: from purposal, to design, to build, to run-off our projects are consistently monitored to ensure performance to the budget.

The 212º Difference: at 211º water is hot, at 212º degrees water boils, it is that one extra degree in business and in life that separates the good companies from the great!